Make a Sassy Bandanna For Your Family Pet!

Make a Sassy Bandanna For Your Family Pet!

There are so many projects we have thought to do with our sassy little Sugar Skull. We have thought about putting onto a denim jacket, the pocket of jeans or on a t-shirt. They would all be perfectly good places to embroider this little gem. But we decided that our pet Daisy needed a little bit of wardrobe for herself. So we made her a pink bandanna that shows off the Sugar Skull!

Here Are The Items That You Will Need...

  • Sugar Skull embroidery pattern
  • Fat quarter squared off
  • Medium weight cut away stabilizer
  • Ruler
  • Rotary cutter
  • Erasable pen

square cut and fold our quarter -


We started off by squaring off our fat quarter. 18 x 18 inches. If you have a larger dog, then you will want to buy the fabric from the bolt to ensure that you can make the bandanna larger.

After the fabric is squared off. We put our ruler down, corner to corner and cut.

Next we folded each edge (one at a time) a 1/2 inch under then folded it under again so that we would have a 1/4" hem line. We did this for all three sides and ironed down. Then we sewed our hems.

sassy bandanna for puppy - hoop and stitch out -


Next, we found the center of our bandanna, placed a pattern template of design in desired spot of bandanna, marked our center, then drew lines out on the fabric and lined up with hoop as shown.

Finally we stitched out our appliqué pattern.

Dec 24th 2017 Nicole L.

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